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Genus Lagriadoliops Barševskis, 2014

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Lagriadoliops Barševskis, 2014

Type species: Lagriadoliops anichtchenkoi sp. n.
Description. Head relatively small, slightly
indrawn into pronotum. Eyes medium-large,
double-lobed and they surround antennal bases.
Forehead slightly trapezium-shaped and deeply
sunken between strongly raised antennal bases.
Head covered with silvery tomentum. Antennae
relatively short, do not reach elytral apex, black,
antennomere I russet at basis. Antennomere III
widened at apex, but not dentiform. Antennae
fully or partly covered with silvery tomentum:
antennomeres I-II fully covered, almost all
antennomere III covered, with exception of
widest part, antennomeres IV-VII silvery at basis
and/or at lower side. Residual antennomeres
and separate parts in previously mentioned
antennomeres covered with dark tomentum.
Pronotum longer than wide, with almost parallel
sides. In direction from sides to basis, pronotum
slightly compressed, therefore, not fully
cylindrical. Dorsal surface black, slightly matte,
with moderate metallic coppery gloss that results
by strong microsculpture. Pronotum disc roughly
and intensively dotted. In lateral direction, dots
less rough and more diffuse. Pronotum disc russet
at both sides and at base. Pronotum covered with
silvery tomentum.
Coxae and femora russet. Femora slightly darker
at apical parts. Tibiae mostly dark, but russet
colour also visible. Darker places with metallic
coppery gloss. Legs covered with intense, silvery
pubescence, with black setae in both sides and at
apex. Protibiae almost cylindrical, not strongly
widened as in related genus Lamprobityle Heller.
Scutellum relatively small, triangularly narrowed
and broadly rounded at end, covered with silvery
Elytra elongated, not parallel sided, slightly
narrowed behind humeri, widened before apex.
Elytral discs behind humeri fully smooth, without
strongly raised convex humps at basal third and
without wide, transversal dent. Elytral surface
intensively and evenly dotted, covered with
reticulate microsculpture, with matte metallic
gloss and intense, silvery tomentum.
Ventral side of body russet, dotted in many places
and covered with silvery tomentum.

Comparative notes. A new genus is
morphologically similar to the genus Lamprobityle
Heller, but differ from it by some morphological
characters: 1) protibiae are almost cylindrical and
not widened at apex, 2) elytra are without strongly
raised convex humps and transversal impression,
fully smooth in the first third behind humeri, 3)
elytra are covered with intense, even and silvery
tomentum. The new genus has also different
shape of antennomere III: it is widened, but not
typically dentiform as in the Lamprobityle. The
new genus characterized by the relatively smaller
eyes, different dot patterns and by the coloration
of certain parts of the body.

Etymology. The name of the new genus
Lagriadoliops gen. nov. is derived from
genus Lagria Fabricius, 1775 (Coleoptera:
Tenebrionidae) and Doliops Waterhause
(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), highlighting
its similarity to these genera, especially with
the genus Stenodoliops Vives that is now the
synonym of the genus Lamprobityle Heller
(Barševskis & Jaeger 2014). Possibly that
Lagriadoliops gen. nov. mimics some of the
Lagriinae representatives due to their similarity.

Determination key
1(2) Protibiae almost cylindrical, not widened at
apex. Antennomere III widened at apex widening
not dentiform. Elytral surface smooth, without
strongly raised convex humps at basal third
and without wide transversal impression. Eyes
moderately smaller ……………………… ......
......................................Lagriadoliops gen. nov.

2(1) Protibiae strongly widened at apex.
Antennomere III strongly widened at apex,
dentiform shape. Elytral surface behind humeri
with strongly raised convex humps at basal third
and wide transversal dent. Eyes moderately larger
....……………….……… Lamprobityle Heller

General distribution. Philippines: Mindanao
Isl., Mindoro Isl. (Fig. 1).
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