Cerambycidae of the World

Lamprobityle katrinae Barševskis, 2014

Countries and regions
Philippines (Samar)
Type material. Holotype. Female: Philippines:
Samar Isl., Hinabangan, 08.2014, local collector
leg. (DUBC).
Description. Body length 8.7 mm, width 3.5
mm. Body black; surface roughly dotted and in
some places covered with fine tomentum. Legs
and antennae red.
Head small, black and with slightly metallic
gloss. Clypeus brown, glossy. Labrum black,
with metallic gloss. Head covered with fine grey
tomentum and outstanding setae; ventral surface
smooth and shiny. Eyes large, double-lobed;
they surround elevated antennal bases from one
side. Forehead between antennal bases sunken,
with narrow longitudinal corrugation. Antennae
relatively long and thin, not reaching apex of
elytra at females. Antennal segments covered
with fine tomentum and longer setae. Basal
antennomere red. Second antennomere black,
with blue metallic gloss. Third antennomere
red, darker basally and apically, with metallic
gloss, dentiformly enlarged and thicker at apex.
Residual antennomeres dark, covered with silver-
grey tomentum, slightly darker at their apices.
Pronotum cylindrical, slightly wider than long,
completely marginated in posterior border, with
transversal furrow. Surface of pronotum strongly
and sparsely puncturated, with fine and sparse
tomentum. Scutellum black, round at apex, with
pale tomentum in medial part.
Elytra long, not parallel sided; elytra between
humeri and middle part slightly narrowed and
widened posteriorly, widely rounded in their
apical part. Elytra roughly dotted, broadly
impressed between humeri and medial parts of
each elytron, with convex protuberances behind
humeri. One fourth of base black, with very
fine sparse tomentum. Other one fourth of base
covered with dense silver grey tomentum, and
looks like greyish wide transverse stripe. Residual
part of elytra black with fine sparse tomentum.
Legs red. Mesa- and metafemori black, with bluish
luster. Tarsi black, with blue gloss. Tarsomeres
flattened, covered with short tomentum and long
Ventral side of body roughly dotted, covered with
silver-grey tomentum.

Differential diagnosis. This species differs from
all other currently known congeneric taxa by the
shape and coloration of elytra, legs and antennae.
It is slightly similar to L. (s. str.) azurea (Vives)
from Samar Island, but L. katrinae sp. nov. has
smaller body size, other coloration of antennes,
legs and dorsal surface of the body.

Distribution. Philippines: Samar Isl. This species
is probably endemic to Samar Island.

Etymology. The species is named in honour of
my daughter Katrīna Barševska, in gratitude for
co-operation in research on Latvian beetles.
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01 January 2015 19:36 by Arvids Barsevskis
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