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Acalolepta (Acalolepta) tysoni Vitali, 2017

Acalolepta (Acalolepta) tysoni Vitali, 2017
Acalolepta (Acalolepta) tysoni Vitali, 2017 Holotype
Male imago
Image from: Vitali F., 2017: Lambillionea CXVII, 1, 2017 (c)
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Countries and regions
Philippines (Mindanao)
Acalolepta tysoni n. sp. belongs to the group of the smaller species, where
it is well characterised by the slim habitus and scape, the long legs, the long setae
bordering the eyes at both sides of the forehead and the golden body pubescence.
In the Philippines, only three other species show analogue golden covering:
A. antenor, A. fuscosericea and A. pseudobianor. All are characterised by a wider
flat body; moreover, A. antenor shows a spined elytral apex, A. fuscosericea a robust
conical scape and a transversely truncated elytral apex and A. pseudobianor a clubshaped
scape and male tibiae armed with a pre-apical tooth. These two last species are
medially much larger, reaching a body size of about 3 cm.
Apart from the pubescence, A. tysoni n. sp. is actually more closely related to
A. apoensis, with which it shares analogue habitus and long limbs.
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