Looking For Investors for Your Idea or Commercial Project?


Starting a new business can be quite an adventure. It can also be one of the best decisions for your career. At first you will need all possible help. Anyone who is starting out knows that pursuing investment is the first step to a successful business and to forming a well-established company.

Finding out where the investors are and how to get them to support your initiatives will make your business grow faster and start with the right foundation. In uncertain times like this, in which many companies are going through bad times and having to close their doors, seeking investments can also be the solution for these businesses that are trying to survive.

Knowing how to get investments is not simple, nor very easy. There are a lot of care you should take and it requires a lot of study. To help you in this moment, we have selected some important facts that the entrepreneur needs to know before starting this journey.


Understand how investments for businesses work


Understand how investments for businesses work


Startups, businesses in trouble, micro and small businesses, all these types of businesses need the financial resources and incentives to keep running. In this way, when the entrepreneur realizes that it is time to look for more resources he should know exactly how they work.

The person interested in an investment can receive resources from both individuals and companies. The investor will demand a guarantee in exchange for the aid. It can be someone who has become interested in your project from the disclosure made or it can also be financial and companies specializing in investing in start ups and small businesses.

It is necessary to remember that these financiers give you resources, be they monetary or even ideological support, acting as mentors, aiming for a great profit in the medium or long term.

Where to get investments and what types of investment can you get?

Where to get investments and what types of investment can you get?

There are several types of credits, financing and other resources that can be used as an investment. It all depends on your case and the size of your company. You can get investments in companies, which often look for new ventures to support, on digital platforms and many other places.

For micro and small companies, it is best to seek investments in government. Sebrae and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The federal government has several programs that lend or finance equipment to those who need it.

There are chances to receive investments in Foundations of great specific causes; Governments; Sovereign funds; Federal or state agencies and even NGOs.

There is also the possibility of alternative financing. Many startups already use digital platforms for investment. Who wants to invest in Peer-to-Peer lending is an excellent opportunity. For investors and interested in doing transactions directly, and crowdfunding funding is also a good one.

In these two options people of all kinds help in collecting the necessary value and are becoming more and more common. The entrepreneur must know well what kind of loan he needs and who is better able to support his projects. Each case is a case and you should know well what you are intending to know where to start seeking support.


What should I do to get financing for my company?


What should I do to get financing for my company?


To get investment, you must know your company and what you are selling. Believing in your product will make others believe as well. Create a good presentation and a good project so that it can be presented to potential supporters.

Understand your business, know the risks and strengths of your venture. Be honest with your funder and organize all your data well so that potential investors also feel in control of the situation.

Search and see how the situation is around you. A good market research is what will make all the difference in having the confidence to present your project and meet your allies. Know well how much you need and do not just look in one location. Use multiple platforms and visit multiple companies to get features for your project.

Before you contract with any investor, however, keep in mind that this is another debt that you will have to pay. Do not get more indebted than you are and know the person you are closing a deal with.

Getting investments for your business idea or project is sure to be good for your business or start-up business. Building lasting partnerships and having good allies is one of the secrets to business growth.