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Does Twitter Add Bitcoin Payments?

Leaked images and other rumors seem to suggest that Twitter will add the ability to pay with Bitcoin through its “Tip Jar” service which allows you to pay other Twitter users in the app.

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A well-known leaker and developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, job a picture of how the system works, which appears to be integrated with Twitter’s existing Tip Jar system, available on the mobile app.

Other reports come from a MacRumors article that talks about Twitter’s latest beta update. The report states that while Bitcoin is not yet available in Tip Jar, the beta code suggests it will.

According to the leak, Twitter will use Strike to facilitate instant and almost senseless Bitcoin transfers through the Lightning Network. Those who would like to use the system would only have to connect their Strike accounts.

In the thread that followed Paluzzi’s flight, he noted that he used reverse engineering to effectively activate the feature on his phone. Although the feature is inactive and unusable, he can still see what the system will look like.

This is the process of taking the new beta update files, either an .ipa file (iOS App Store package) or an .apk file (Android app package), and decompiling the code to it. inside to see what features actually exist in the beta update.

While it’s a bit more complicated than that, this is usually how leaks find new features in games and apps before they’re released. These types of leaks can be very insightful and often accurate, but there is no guarantee that the features found will end up in the final update or be available to all users.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is a strong supporter of Bitcoin. He recently had his other Square business Start work on a new Bitcoin hardware wallet and he also expressed interest in Bitcoin mining. Given his interest in Bitcoin, it wouldn’t be surprising if this supposed Twitter feature becomes a reality.

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