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Physical Bitcoin, Gold Cas, Now Worth $ 54 Million Amid Rising Cryptocurrency Value

Here’s the story of how this guy – who remains anonymous for now – stumbled across this coin in 2011… when bitcoin was in its infancy, and he made a major bet. Great Collections – a renowned coin auction house – says it has a customer in possession of one of only 6 physical BTC gold coins issued years ago, and each is worth 1,000 bitcoins. Do the math, and this guy’s shekel alone is worth around $ 54 million !!!

The Great Collections client then threw the Case into a desk drawer at home and literally forgot about it … that is, until a few years later when he heard that bitcoin was valued. to $ 1,000 and up.

Word is, this guy was planning to buy that 1,000 BTC gold coin… or two actual gold bars – each purchase costing almost the same at the time, around $ 4,000 to $ 5,000. He opted for the former – by throwing in $ 4,905 for the mysterious BTC coin… which is known as the “Gold Cas” in crypto circles.

He ran to said office, pulled out that 1,000 BTC coin… realizing he was holding a million dollar item in his hand. That’s when he realized what he bought and stayed low for all these years as the price of bitcoin continued to rise to its current price of around 54,000. $.

Now that he’s hitting amazing levels… the guy figured he would come out and rub it in our face – while noting that he had this puppy well-kept in a bank vault overseas. We are told that he does NOT intend to sell it anytime soon, as he believes bitcoin is going to go to the moon.

BTW, GC is auctioning off another one of those physical BTC coins, but it’s not worth 1,000 bitcoins… just 25. Yet we’re told they expect it to make at least a million in November.

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  • Physical Bitcoin, Gold Cas, Now Worth $ 54 Million Amid Rising Cryptocurrency Value
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