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Steam bans all NFTs and cryptocurrency games from its store

Valve Software no longer allows games with cryptocurrency, NFT or any blockchain technology on Steam, NME reported Friday.

On the Steamworks integration page, Valve has updated their guidelines and there is a new rule that directly addresses and disallows NFTs. At the bottom of a “what you shouldn’t post on Steam” list, Valve added the following item.

“Applications based on blockchain technology that issue or enable the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs”, Valve noted.

Several games on the platform have already been delisted and deleted, in particular Age of rust, a first-person adventure game that allows players to collect and solve in-game NFT puzzles.

“Community: a few minutes ago we were informed that [Steam] will kick * all blockchain games * from the platform ”, Age of rust noted on Twitter. “Because DFTs have value. Behind the scenes, we had good communication and were upfront with Steam.

Valve itself has yet to release a statement on the new rule, but it’s a pretty big thing to add to an onboarding page.

“We have chosen to be frank about blockchain games and NFTs. As a result, we ultimately lost the battle with Steam ”, Age of rust noted. “While [we are] disappointed for Age of rust being phased out, the point is rather that Blockchain games as a whole are going to be phased out. It is a setback for all.

The controversy comes just weeks after Valve canceled ticket sales for its DOTA 2 International Event. However, the company is still riding a wave of positive buzz for its upcoming Steamdeck handheld.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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