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Loopring Cryptocurrency (LRC) Price Up Nearly 500% In One Month On GameStop (GME) NFT Rumors

It’s the start of another week on the stock market, but cryptocurrencies are trading 24/7. One of those tokens, Loopring, has risen nearly 500% over the past month on some rumors from the GameStop NFT marketplace.

The cryptocurrency market keeps producing successes, and Loopring is the latest token that has caught the attention of many traders and investors. With a number of rumors circulating on Loopring regarding a potential partnership with GameStop in an upcoming NFT marketplace, some people are buying the existing cryptocurrency. It’s entirely possible that Loopring will only license the technology to GameStop if the two entities are actually working together, so the cryptocurrency’s gain of over 500% over the past month could be a bit. too fast and too furious.

This Loopring (LRC) chart shows the massive 500% run of the cryptocurrency token over the past month.
This Loopring Chart (LRC) shows the huge 500% execution of the cryptocurrency token over the past month.

Buckle (LRC) is an Ethereum-based token that describes itself as “an open source, audited, non-custodial exchange protocol”. It aims to enable anyone to create non-custodial exchanges based on Ethereum order books by leveraging zero-knowledge evidence. touts security, high speed and low cost as some of their advantages.

Things really started to heat up over the past week, as LRC has increased by almost 272% during that time. Rumors have circulated on the internet that GameStop (GME) is working on an NFT marketplace and will be powered by Loopring technology. Last week, the GMEDD site claimed to have discovered some clues about the upcoming GME NFT showcase on the Loopring GitHub, but these are still rumors at this point.

We know that GameStop has actively hired talent in the NFT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space. The relationship between Loopring and GameStop remains unclear, but that hasn’t stopped many investors from getting into cryptocurrency. LRC is now a stone’s throw from its all-time high of $ 2.59, and could be there today or week at the rate it moves. The coin currently has a market cap of $ 3.1 billion and has seen a spike in volume in recent weeks. There are currently 1,325,130,570,396 Loopring tokens.

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