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Latest Cryptocurrency Price: Bitcoin Rises Above $43,000, Other Cryptos in Green

Bitcoin rose over $43,000 and other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum were trading green. The global crypto market was in a stable mode.

Bitcoin was trading down 5.19% at $43,025 after the president of the US central bank issued a tough monetary policy statement.

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after bitcoin, Ethereum was trading at $3,026.

Other cryptocurrencies such as XRP rose 6.73%, Solana rose 4.41%, Avalanche rose 4.67%, Cardano rose 7.79%, and Polkadot rose 6. 65%.

Stellar rose 6.10%, Dogecoin rose 2.44%, Chainlink rose 8.42%, Polygon rose 3.55%, and Shiba Inu rose 4.57%.

“The global crypto market capitalization and trading volume have increased over the past day, even after hawkish comments from the US central bank. Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading above the $41,000 and $2,900 levels “said Edul Patel, CEO and co-founder of Mudrex. .

“Based on market capitalization, most major cryptocurrencies are also running green. XRP, Cardano, Avalanche, NEAR Protocol, Chainlink have seen more than decent growth. BTC has traded flat over the past two days, and pullbacks may be limited towards strong support, which stands at US$37,000 Buyers may remain active at lower support levels,” Patel said.

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