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Bitsler announces free rakeback to all players

Bitsler is an online crypto-casino established in 2015. The platform offers a wide variety of third-party games and those developed internally by the team. Some of the top games enjoyed by gamers are Boom, Dice, and Plinko.

The crypto casino extends support to over 20 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin. Bitsler gathers huge love from the community to deliver sky-high odds and generous bonus offers.

Additionally, players can also engage in the exciting world of esports alongside an unlimited selection of table games and other casino games.

Rakeback is what cashback is for everyone in their normal life. There is a difference though, as rakeback takes care of the player even if he loses the bet. According to Bitsler’s recent announcement, all players are claiming 30% rakeback on all games.

The special offer is valid on the platform for ten days, from April 29 to May 09 12 UTC. Players get a certain portion of their best back to their accounts, regardless of the outcome. In other words, a player could have lost the bet and would still be eligible to receive 30% rakeback.

The feature was previously available to players who were at the Gold level. However, the doors are now open to everyone with unlimited access to the benefit. As a special consideration, Bitsler added Dice as part of the 30% rakeback offer.

Rakeback works. A certain part of the best placed by the players is returned to them whether they win or lose the game.

The calculation mentioned below helps to better understand the concept of Rakeback.



Rakeback rate

Weekly rakeback bonus 2%
Bet amount 200 BTC
Edge of the house 2%

200*0.02*0.26 = 1.04 BTC Rakeback

The number increases if the player wins a game. Rakeback is always in the form of cryptocurrency linked to the player’s account. Bitsler is not only one of the best bitcoin casinos but also one of the best Bitcoin Cash Casinos.

Deposits and withdrawals rarely experience a problem, and Bitcoin Cash has huge potential to generate profits in times to come. Anonymous gaming gives players the ability to keep their identity and transactions secret, leaving no trace of play in their records.

Blockchain technology has made Bitcoin Cash casinos completely decentralized, eliminating intermediaries like financial institutions and banks. You can therefore transfer Bitcoin Cash from one wallet to another without going through a mediator.

What else makes Bitsler one of the best Bitcoin Cash casinos is that the 30% rakeback offer covers a total of 3,300 games. It includes fan favorites Lucky Lady Moon, Sweet Bonanza, Twist and Elvis Frog in Las Vegas.

The list of incentives offered by Bitsler doesn’t end there, and it goes beyond that to address offers for more promotions, tournaments, and specials. One such incentive is the Hourly Lottery which distributes crypto prizes to select winners throughout the day.

More amazing perks await as a player moves up the ranks. With every height the player checks in, they gain access to offers such as increased rakeback and chest rewards of up to $35,000.